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On April 21, the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad will host a multimedia performance “The Inner Light”, performed by Vladimir Labat Rovnjev and his band SVAROMFAL. Special guests at the concert will be renowned world jazz musicians Hamid Drake and William Parker.
Vladimir Labat Rovnjev is a unique and original multimedia artist; a sculptor, painter, graphic and heraldic artist, composer, performer, poet and designer, recognized and multi-award winner for his work in Serbia and abroad. Mr Labat is the world’s first artist to create acoustic sculptures, extraordinary sculptural works, used for concert performance. He also creates soundtracks for film, theatre, radio and television.
1. How the acoustic sculptures used for the multimedia performance “The Inner Light” were made?
– Acoustic Sculptures Labat (ASL sculptures) have emerged as a joint creation of artistic ideas and craft skills. Rare works of art are created in my studio through 16 different crafts. The works represent a fusion of shape and sound, a wide variety of colors and tonal colors, and as such, they occupy all the senses.
My artistic expression is a collage of all my life experiences and everyday practices and knowledge I have acquired in different fields, not just music and painting, but science and technology as well.
The first ASL sculptures, that are unique in the whole world, were created in the seventies. Today we have over 50 of them, enough for five concerts, without the instruments repeating.
2. What can the audience expect on April 21 in Novi Sad?
– The Svaromfal concert will be a visual, acoustic and theatrical event that will be remembered for a long time and the experience to be talked about. Multimedia performance “The Inner Light” is a synthesis of unique acoustic sculptures, their completely authentic sound and a new way of aliquot playing and singing.
Music on the scene is improvisation, everything happens in a moment, depending on inspiration, experience and direction of creative energy.
That is a spontaneously played music, where it does not matter how many people and instruments are on the stage, and how many in the audience, but whether there is a synchronized creative miracle that takes and transforms both time and space and all present people and things.
This year worldly famous jazz stars William Parker and Hamid Drake will be joining us on the scene. Actually, all of us will be together there, both us on the stage and audience in the hall, and equally responsible for what we will create through the mutual exchange of desire and energy.
3. Can art change reality?
It is my sincere belief that the only things we mustn’t spare ourselves from are love, beauty and kindness – we should be giving the best we have through art and creativity at the service of all people; a human being can enlighten and reaffirm itself. Each of us has talents and light within. Sometimes they need to be sparked or awakened. Not to use all the human potential given to us by birth would be a pity. I am sure that after “The Inner Light” concert, the audience will go back with hearts filled with rhythm, colors and tonality that will connect their inner and the outside world through harmony, new insights and spiritual-material coherence. The key words for this all-senses experience are openness and sincerity, and this is the only thing you should bring with you when you come to the concert.