Hamid Drake and William Parker special guests of multimedia performance Svaromfal

On the occasion of the forthcoming multimedia performance “Svaromfal” in the Labat studio in Popovica, there was a socializing with the media and conversation with the world famous jazz musicians Hamid Drake and William Parker. Hamid Drake is one of the most significant world drummer-percussionist and improvisation master, while his music friend, William Parker, is known as the best free jazz bassist – “the heart and soul of New York’s avant-garde jazz scene”. The host was Vladimir Labat Rovnjev, a multimedia artist and creator of Acoustic Sculptures Labat and music band “Svaromfal”.
During the event, the participants had the opportunity to attend a concert rehearsal, get acquainted with the “Svaromfal” project and enjoy improvised music on the Acoustic Sculptures Labat (ASL). The first ASL sculptures, unique in the whole world, were created in the seventies. That was the beginning of creative and spiritual playing on those sculptures called “Svaromfal” (The Inner Light). By playing and creating new ASL Sculptures emerged improvised vocal and instrumental pieces that have found their place in many scores of world-renowned composers and performers.
“To my great pleasure, this year we will be joined by fantastic Hamid Drake and William Parker on the stage. Our music is improvisation, a thing of the moment, instant inspiration, and harmonization with ourselves, with the instrument, with other musicians and with the audience. When this balance is achieved, the experience of moving or even disappearing space and time is invaluable. I am sure that the concert will be an unforgettable event, both for us and for all present in the hall of the Serbian National Theater. From experience, I know how people react to sounds that they may be hearing and experiencing for the first time. I don’t like to say that what is happening during the multimedia spectacle is some kind of magic or wonder, because, the truth is that the potential of each individual is being awakened during the performance. When these individual beatitudes come together and connect with what we are giving on the scene, then the entire space starts vibrating with the energy of love, of goodness, and we can feel these vibrations for a long time after the concert and take them to the outside world” – said Vladimir Labat Rovnjev.
William Parker pointed out that this was a special experience for him. “I have played countless concerts, which were often experimental, but I have not experienced anything like this. We came, we sat, and just started playing. We do not know each other, we see hand-made sculptures and we start making magic. It comes from the heart. You need to feel it. I would be glad if the audience only closed their eyes for a moment. About that very moment they would be talking about for the next decade” – Parker said.
“I’m not here for the first time, but every time I enjoy all over. I was amazed at the way we started the previous concert. Vlada started with a big flute, and throughout the whole concert we were gliding with vibrations. We were given this possibility by the instruments that are genuine artistic sculptures. We are actually privileged to be playing on real works of art. I’m not surprised that Serbia is where I have found something like this, because the oldest civilizations come from this region” – said Hamid Drake.
Multimedia performance “The Inner Light” by Vladimir Labat and his music band “Svaromfal” (Lucija Selakovic Labat, Djordje Labat, Jovica Grujin and Ljubisa Ponjevic) will take place on April 21st at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. Special guests will be famous world jazz musicians Hamid Drake and William Parker.
The Svaromfal concert will be a visual, acoustic and theatrical event that will be remembered for a long time and the experience to be talked about.