Sensual experience that touched everyone in Novi Sad

An unforgettable event involving all the senses “The Inner Light” by Vlada Labat and his music band “Svaromfal” (Lucija Selakovic Labat, Djordje Labat, Jovica Grujin and Ljubisa Ponjevic) took place at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. Special guests of this multimedia performance were famous world jazz musicians Hamid Drake and William Parker. Music was performed on ‘Acoustic Sculptures Labat’ (ASL sculptures) that are unique sculptural works by Mr. Labat. The form of artistic creation on the scene was an authentic multimedia performance.
Ovations coming from the audience encored the musicians three times back on the scene of the Serbian National Theatre in order to prolong the magic that erased the boundaries of real and unreal, equally fascinating the young and elderly for more than two hours. Once again, Svaromfal showed that we as human beings are defined by our essence, our spirit, open mind and heart, and not by differences and affections. It only remains for the audience to spread the creative life energy further and expand it to the joy of everyone, and we can rightfully expect a new challenge for all the senses from Vlada Labat and Svaromfal.
“I think we created magic tonight all together. We have succeeded to play as a family and I believe that we managed to send ourselves to each other. Tonight we wanted to please both ourselves and the audience, but most of all to please that energy up above us. I learned a lot from Vlada, I am delighted by his approach and, if I can say so, the way he and music understand each other.  And I’m happy to see that this cooperation is going in the right direction to be shown to people around the world” – said Hamid Drake after the concert.
“Sometimes I do not know which instrument I’m about to play, nor how I will start. It tells me. And imagine when you have seven professionals on stage and when instruments alone tell them how to play and there is no need for a rehearsal. We plan to continue with this. We should have an exhibition of acoustic sculptures next year in Belgrade. This time music was in the foreground, but I think people should touch the sculpture and feel its soul. Essentially, all this is a great game that awakens a child in us” – said Vlada Labat.
“Being a musician, the tone and music are the most important to me. And what I did here is my job. For this I have prayed all my life. I played in Africa with the Africans, tomorrow I’ll be in Russia with the Russians, I played in Serbia tonight with the Serbs, and there is nothing that could prevent the music from happening if everyone feels the same way as we did tonight”, said William Parker.
During the performance on ASL Sculptures, a spiritual ars-integral improvised piece is being created between a new form of instruments (ASL sculptures), a new authentic sound, and a new manner of aliquot playing and singing. The first ASL sculptures, unique in the whole world, were created in the seventies. That was the beginning of creative and spiritual playing on those sculptures called “Svaromfal” (The Inner Light). By playing and creating new ASL Sculptures emerged improvised vocal and instrumental pieces that have found their place in many scores of world-renowned composers and performers.