Art Therapy

Vladimir Labat is an extraordinary multimedia artist who doesn’t spare his creative being in sharing love, talents and creative energy. As a painter, sculptor, poet, composer, musician, heraldist, philanthropist and creator of marvelous acoustic sculptures, every day Labat reaffirms a true earthly human purpose. Using all his potential, experience and knowledge, Vladimir Labat constantly touches the inner and outer worlds of those he encounters in his artistic and life journey.
It is true that the whole concept of “art therapy” is pure love as the most powerful and sublime human feeling and action that a person can bring out and give to their surroundings. Everyone who had an opportunity to be part of an unreal sensual experience at the multimedia concert “Svarmofal”, which I held this spring with experienced musicians at the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, is still talking about sensations they experienced and feelings that awakened, changed, and moved them. When we are on stage, when we perform, we are totally in it, subordinated and guided by sounds, tones, rhythm and we share that feeling with everyone around us with great joy. It is the most beautiful, selfless relationship of receiving and giving. Yours is just what you give to others. During the concert, you clearly see the uplifting process through others and see how the multiplied beauty is returning to you through them. The energy of love is almost tangible, it flows throughout the space and then one amazing thing happens -when you hear the rounds of applause, which last for a few minutes, you hear a new music of love and elation and again you hear the sculptures transformed into a new sound structure of space. As a sign of the infinite, without beginning and end, something greater than anything, permanent and endless. It is a unique and fantastic driving energy.
We are all sentient beings, and each one of us carries a divine spark in their inside more easily and quickly moved by the invigorating and creative tones. It is up to each of us, both onstage and in the audience, to just be open-minded and open-hearted to trust the moment and let go. At the concert we are all in one unbelievable synergy, a pervasive, unreserved, all-giving love, a divine experience, and that is what is most beneficial to all people. Every time such a moment happens I am grateful for having eyes and ears to experience it all. The whole multimedia concept, shapes, colors, sounds in the improvisation of the moment carry us like a wave on which we feel good, victorious.
I believe that the purpose of every artistic activity is to awaken dormant human potentials and initiate the action of raising awareness and using the talents and all possibilities of each individual. In the chain reaction of reaffirming the purpose of a meaningful life, you are constantly growing, learning something new, progressing, and going on and on and on. It may also be the definition of hope and faith, the ability to always be content with who you are and to materialize your dreams through your work, shape them, color them and give them sound.
A concert is an event in time and space, for a certain number of people and in that sense it gives that kind of synergism and harmony because the audience participates with us, we are interactive, aware that we are part of something that is happening now and never again. It is all about the moment for the musicians and the audience, but when the concert is audio-visually recorded, then it is universal for always and for everyone. Inspired by the impressions of the people after the concert and guided by the idea that everyone can feel sensuous experiences through image and sound, no matter at what geographical location they are, I embarked on an adventure of making audio and video recordings that would serve everyone who encounters them. We live in a time when it is necessary more than ever to “heal” ourselves and this planet that we are mercilessly depleting. On a daily basis we need to be aware of the natural, historical and cultural values laid in physical and spiritual body of the Earth. We must be grateful that by the will of God we have been given this nature to us to take care of it, but also aware of the responsibility to upgrade it with a creative approach to a better and more meaningful coexistence. Personal spiritual and artistic work, for which I claim is the most difficult but also the most valuable form of work that is done only through much love, renunciation and faith is a human obligation. It is even more important that we pass on such experiences and lessons to the benefit of others. I started dealing with the ecology of space and ecology of consciousness in 1973, and in 1979 my first LP entitled “Metamorphosis” came out – the first in the world on that subject.
My goal is for people to become aware of their uniqueness through viewing and listening to art, because they see beauty, they are part of beauty, grateful to be part of something magnificent. We are all equally important, privileged by the fact that we are humans on Earth, able to reach the best parts of ourselves with mind, soul and body, advance our inner universe and harmonize it with the world around us.
The parts from the “Svaromfal” concert I chose for the CD are composed in such way to have effect on an unlimited number of people through the media (TV, radio, internet). I hope I have managed to fit the whole concept into another dimension where, despite the huge number of people, there is harmony, energy and vibration of the conscious and the unconscious, a good feeling that does not depend on skin color, religious orientation, political experience, level of education, or musical attitude. The interaction of music with man is primary. It is all about being open to receiving the intangible and undefined, but necessary, functional and universal.