Acoustic Sculptures Labat

Acoustic Sculptures Labat (ASL sculptures) have emerged as a joint creation of artistic ideas and craft skills. There are sixteen different crafts responsible for the creation of rare works of Labat studio. The works represent a fusion of shape and sound, a wide variety of colors and tonal colors, and as such, they occupy all the senses.
These sculptures are a collage of an artist’s life experience, his everyday practice, and the knowledge he has acquired in different areas, not only in music and art, but in science and technology.
The sounds coming from ASL sculptures form a theatrical visual-acoustic picture which fills space and time, serving its multimedia function.
These instruments are huge sculptures you can enter easily and thus they are totally authentic and genuine. Several drummers can play one set of drums simultaneously. The first globally unique ASL sculptures were created in the seventies. At this point there are over 50 ASL sculptures, enough to play even 5 concerts not using the same instruments.

ASL Sculpture 1

ASL Sculpture 2

ASL Sculpture 3

ASL Sculpture 4

ASL Sculpture 5

ASL Sculpture 6

ASL Sculpture 7

ASL Sculpture 8

ASL Sculpture 9

ASL Sculpture 10

ASL Sculpture 11

ASL Sculpture 12

ASL Sculpture 13

ASL Sculpture 14

ASL Sculpture 15

ASL Sculpture 16

ASL Sculpture 17

ASL Sculpture 18