Svaromfal (The Inner Light) is an eclectic musical band oriented towards ARS integral improvisation with elements of spiritual and jazz music, and with all its members allured by art and forever captivated by light, music and sound. During the performance on ASL sculptures, spiritual ars-integral improvisation is being created between the new form of the instruments (ASL sculptures), new authentic sound and new way of aliquot playing and singing. Today, all those aesthetic, visual, musical and spiritual elements together, along with adequate scenery, interesting display and short introductory film, awaken and integrate one’s dormant potential that has always been there. Those exceptional musical pieces activate parts of personality that could not be recognized and registered by contemporary octave form of playing.
“Svaromfalt” project is unique and inspiring in view of its multimedia content, and its greatest value is in simultaneous actuation of the human mind, body and soul as singular wholes through which we define our human being and cognize the truth of life.